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I got some interesting news this morning and I didn't have anyone to tell. Well I did but not the person who would understand why it meant so much to me.

Here's a little bit of back story...

As a young woman my mother and I spent a LOT of time watching series television together. We had a giant satellite dish in the yard and could tune in to hundreds of channels long before Directtv was a thing. The benefit of so many channels? We watched programming that wasn't available in backwoods Wisconsin in the 1980's.

My mom and I watched so many shows and one of them was Anne of Green Gables. The series was produced by Disney and mom and I would tune in every chance we could. I was more of a fan of this program than Little House on the prairie, probably because I saw myself in Anne Shirley.

Fast forward to 2018 and my latest obsessive television addiction, Wynonna Earp. I adore this program on the same level and although I'm not able to share it with my mother I know she would have loved the characters and the writing.

What does any of this have to do with interesting news?

In October I'm attending a fan expo focused on this amazing television show. The coordinators announced that Megan Follows (Mama Earp) AKA Anne of Green Gables will be one of the featured guests at the event. My first thought... mom. She would have been so excited.

It seems that the months since losing my mother have opened my eyes to something I was never aware of. I thought about my mother very often, in fact there are many times when I'm out in the world and I have to pause because she no longer needs tea for her afternoons, a soft Scottish scarf or an autograph from one of our favorite television actresses.

This new reality sucks.

If you're interested, I'll get a chance to meet a lady who brought to life a character who inspired me to chase my dreams. I hope you understand how big that is for a kid from backwoods Wisconsin.

Always a fangirl.

Love & Light

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