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On a two-week hiking and climbing tour, Al Hadley guides a small team toward high adventure. With her best friends PB and Britt making up the Extreme Adventure Group, the goal is to build confidence and experience for each client. Plans and maps can’t tame Violet Crest’s curious nature, as she tests the boundaries and the patience of team leader, Al. Dig in to the story before the love story, in this prequel to Yule Be Home for Solstice.

The Library

Sharon's books and where to find them

Wildwood Blackstone believed her dream of being a country blacksmith was coming true. Life would be simple; move to Bannock, restore the abandoned carriage house into a working blacksmith shop, build a new life as a welder and artist, and finally have a place to call home. But shortly after her arrival, she discovers this truth; there are more than ghosts in Bannock. When a teenage crush and childhood friend from foster care, Shay Courtland, answers a call for help, Wildwood finds a part of her past that she longed to rediscover. Never did she imagine Shay’s presence in her life would bring her back to the magical world she’d abandoned.

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Daggers, Dragons, and Demons! The journey continues into the world of magick, unbelievable creatures, and the mystery behind Wildwood and Shay’s childhood connection born from their time in the foster care system. Wildwood Blackstone longed for the simple life as a small-town blacksmith. She didn’t imagine monsters or magick, and she never expected to fall in love with Shay Courtland.

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The Maker Series

Faries, Dragons, and Demons! The journey continues into the world of magick, unbelievable creatures, and the mystery behind Wildwood and Shay’s childhood connection born from their lives in the foster care system. Wildwood’s ability to transform demon remains into powerful evil-fighting weapons not only invokes more questions about the origin of her abilities but empowers Shay to embrace her magick.

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No monsters too big, no monsters too small for the Heroes of Bannock! In a secret world filled with magick, Wildwood Blackstone has encountered unbelievable mysteries. As the blacksmith in her new hometown, she's survived and endured the call to wield the hammer of the goddess Brigid, but to what end?

Stand Alone Sapphic Romance


Violet and Alice’s December road trip is definitely a trial by transport as they set out to deliver the perfect Yule log for their Solstice celebration. Sit back and enjoy this Planes, Trains, and Automobiles-style adventure to deliver the perfect Yule log for Winter Solstice.

For Ella Eastman, firefighting is life. She’s devoted her body to being the best, but everyone needs a break from reality once in a while. For Morgan Hail, art is life, but she has to make a living. Their lives collide when television fandoms intersect at The Blacktree Comic Palooza.

More From Sharon

What can you do in a single day? Why haven’t you done it yet? Jump out of your comfort zone and dive into life as you follow the author on her journey to achieve 365 new experiences in 365 days.

Do the words that we say in front of our children build them up or tear them down? This short story explores the consequences of hatred and bigotry when it applies, unknowingly, to someone that you love. There's a time in every relationship when a parent must let go of the dreams they have for their child, so the child can chase what they dream to become.

Immortal Human Truth is a collection of poetry written by the author as she traveled to promote her first book Dear Kane; What I wish we would have said. Each section explores experiences with love, injustice, loss and triumph of the spirit.

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