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Day 364 of 365

One last creation

The final day of my 40's is almost here and I wanted to create a reminder that this last year was an accomplishment. I didn't do it alone but every single day changed me.

That change was made very clear today when I visited the eye doctor and he informed me that my far vision is 20/20 (yay!) but my near vision is VERY NOT 20/20 (boo!). Special gift for turning 50? My prescription doubled and if that wasn't painful enough the Dr. dilated my eyes. I've never had my eyes dilated so I didn't know what to expect.

Think about this for one minute. I have an adventure to accomplish today and now my world is fuzzy and my new contacts make me dizzy. This should go well.

For my 364th experience I made a screen print on a shirt.

Back at day 100ish I had planned to visit a screen printing company, learn how to set up a professional design and make this in a real world environment.

That never happened, well at least not yet, after a little research here's how I did it myself.

Materials involved?

Panty hose were essential and since I haven't worn a pair of them in years I really had to dig in the back of the closet to find some. I cut them up and stretched a piece across the embroidery hoop I used on day 359.

The design was easy and you can probably guess what I made.

The one element that I was concerned about, Mod Podge.

I've seen this in craft stores for years and never used it. I know you can glue crap to make collage art with it but that's the extent of my knowledge until today. I traced the design on my hooped hose material and painted the reverse outline with my mod podge.

It's raining today. Waiting for the gluey goodness to dry took a long time so I went fly fishing. It's my new obsession. I caught a few bass and after about two hours my screen was ready to go.

I was hesitant and tested the setup on an old t-shirt. When it worked and I was elated and I might have done a tiny little happy dance. Yesterday I went to a second hand store and picked up a sweatshirt to print on. I'm 100% happy and as my screen rests in the drying rack by my sink, I'm plotting where else I can paint this wonder woman logo.

Day 364

Love & Light

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