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On 50

I'm new at this... being 50.

I was quite an expert at those 40's and I banged out 49 like a champ. I learned a lot in the last 365 days and here's a sum up.

50 observations, tips, thoughts and general life altering experiences

1. We are all going to fail

2. drive 100 miles per hour once

3. only eat acorns in a survival situation

4. take risks

5. youtubers are amazing

6. face your fears

7. listen more than you speak

8. just taste it one time

9. ask questions

10. trust your instincts

11. travel by means that let you see small town living

12. we are all going to die

13. tomorrow comes fast, don't procrastinate

14. learn from your mistakes

15. make a jar of peanut butter so you'll never have to eat acorns

16. laugh often

17. invite a friend for coffee... or tea

18. failure creates success


20. value experience

21. give your time more than your dollar

22. wear gloves

23. tell your story

24. dream big

25. actions have consequences

26. you matter

27. be the person you dream to be

28. stand up on the paddle board, it's a game changer

29. share your knowledge

30. PLAY

31. when an opportunity arrives, take it

32. forgiveness is one sided

33. always keep your knife sharp

34. try to inspire

35. once in a while open the door for the person behind you

36. share your abundance

37. love who you love and do it with your whole heart

38. being a non-conforming human being is okay

39. be brave

40. you have a voice, use it

41. you don't have to fight to communicate

42. the world is full of people who are not like you, meet some

43. look up from your phone, unless you're #365day blogging at a Starbucks at 11:40pm.

44. think before you speak

45. see nature

46. do the research

47. eat your dandelions

48. marijuana is better than OTC

49. you are stronger than you believe

50. live life one day at a time

That's what I've got. It's been an adventure and I'm woke.

There will not be another 365 days adventure because that was serious work and commitment. 365 consecutive first time experiences, 365 consecutive blog posts, 365 consecutive photos taken (i have 13,000 photos on my phone), 365 minutes of plank position. Every day, all day this has been quite a ride.

I'm going to celebrate my birthday, the first one without my mother. I guess I'll take my own advice and use #39 and 16.

On being 50

Love & Light

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