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Day 362 of 365

Today I built a floating lantern.

The base is made from sticks I cut in my yard and tied together with golden toned hemp rope. It's primitive and as I worked I couldn't help but think about the raft that saved Tom Hanks in Castaway. I'm not escaping from an island but I still crossed my fingers hoping that it would float.

This is a very special lantern.

On the day 7 of this year I made paper from shredded recycle and today I used it for the lantern walls. My goal, build a floating lantern that I would not feel guilty about if it tips over, sinks or just plane catches fire. At the end this creation can return to the earth and maybe feed a fish or frog.

On day 330 I made pine pitch and on day 362 I'm using it as my glue to hold the lantern sides together.

The final addition to my lantern and perhaps the most important part, an orange peel candle that I made on day 122. The fuel was coconut oil and everything hinged on a tall slow burning flame.

I'm very proud of my design and also of assembling it from personal firsts I've had throughout the year.

Today is September 16th. My mother would have celebrated her 80th birthday.

As the sun set tonight I floated this creation in the water and sang happy birthday to my mom. In 4 days I will turn 50 and it will be the first time I celebrate my birthday without her.

I watched the lantern float in the pond for 80 minutes.

It was beautiful.

Day 362

Love & Light

MORNING AFTER UPDATE: the lantern burned for over 2 1/2 hours and at 8:30am (13 hours later) it is still on top of the water in the pond. I guess I have raft building skills too.

Day 5 update: as of Friday September 21st the lantern was still floating in the pond.


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