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Having a wingman or wingwoman as is the case for today, makes some things better. That was the experience this afternoon. It isn't my first tattoo which is why it didn't happen a few weeks ago, but it is still very significant.

The back story, I made the original artwork over 10 years ago, carried it in my wallet and each part of the whole has meaning.

The entire image represents the scarab beetle. In B.C. Egypt this little creature was a symbol of life from nothing as the ancients found it very curious that the insect "came" from animal feces. The dung beetle is a common name but for me the meaning is more about life, resurrection and very specifically transformation. This last year was most definitely transformative.

The parts of the whole break down like this.

The Ankh: so simply... LIFE. What is more sacred? It is also the center of my art and meant to remind me that I'm here and I stay because what I have is precious. If I learned anything in the last year it is that I am no longer wasting my time.

The Ujdet eye: the eye of the falcon god Horus reminds me that I am not insignificant in the universe. Referenced around the world as the all seeing eye but for me and my higher power there is sense of union, healing and protection.

The semicolon: this is a recent change and mostly because my story isn't over yet. The curved tail of the Ujdet eye does not have the period above but that's part of my story.

There it is. The story behind the artwork on my arm. I went to an amazing studio, Dead Set Ink and Hannah C. turned my 10 year old wallet worn sketch into something I'm beyond excited to wear forever.

What an adventure.

Love & Light

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