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On and off

Gone Fishing.

I have this new dilemma. I've been writing my 5th book which is all about the last 365 days.

Spoiler Alert!

It changed me.

What I found most interesting is how I've taken on the relaxing sport of fly fishing. This morning I went out in the rain and spent about 2 hours casting and dictating notes into my phone. It felt so much like a "cake and eat it too" moment that I just had to stop and take it all in.

The most amazing discovery in the pond as I made my first cast? After 5 days my mother's birthday lantern was still floating in the pond. There is a sense of accomplishment that has given me such a high. I really thought that when my mother got sick getting to day 365 would be impossible.

So here I am 2 days after finishing a huge personal challenge and I feel full, not empty. There is just a tiny problem.

What to do with everything left over.

On day 6, I started growing SCOBY for Kombucha. I now have a SCOBY hotel (this is a real thing, google it) on my kitchen counter because I can't throw them away. What the hell am I going to do with 16 kombucha starting scobies?

On day 7, I made paper and for the next three weeks every time I finished my daily adventure I made more paper. I've got a ridiculous stack in my office.

I have lip balms and bath bombs, jars of syrup and teas and so many other experience experiments piled all around the house. Don't try to visit me because in the last 365 days I've amassed quite a collection of achievements and they really do take up a lot of space.

I think that's why fishing is so wonderful and it's very good that I learned it on day 314.

If you're reading today, thanks for coming back. I've still got stories to share. Many will probably involve a few moments at the fishing pond and maybe how I offloaded a dozen scobies.

Happy Friday

Love & Light

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