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Day 361 of 365

It’s unbelievable that I'm down to my last 5 new experiences. I still have so many things on my list.

Today I tried to do something I have never been able to achieve.

Don’t laugh.

For my 361st experience I learned how to whistle.

This is some serious shit.

I fall into that small group of people who just can not whistle. It didn’t matter how hard I tried or what technique I used, I could not whistle.

For those of you who can I’m sure this seems like nothing. You put your lips together and blow.


I have been trying this for many of my 49 years. I had some tutelage on achieving this experience and I watched over a half dozen how-to videos. The first few hours there was a lot of wind and spit coming out of my face.

It’s embarrassing.

My lips are chapped.


I learned how to whistle. It's not loud like I want but every time i make the noise the volume increases.

I'm having the best time. Maybe it was good that I was on my own today.

Day 361

Love & Light

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