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Day 358 of 365


On day 166 I made syrup from the maple trees in my yard. It took about 30 gallons of fresh tree sap to boil down a gallon of sticky goodness.

It is my liquid gold.

I bottled that deliciousness and now that we are empty nesters I’m maintaining this hoard.

For my 358th experience I made maple syrup candy.

This is where it gets a tiny bit nail bite-y because I covet this syrup. If you’ve never had it fresh from the back yard you are missing out. It’s dark and rich and like nothing you get in a store.

I don't want to waste a drop.

I decided to use a half pint jar to make a very small batch. Every part of maple syrup consumption has become special while using my 365 day stash.

Cooking the syrup to a candy making temperature was intimidating. When it got to the right thermometer mark I let it rest (a tiny bit too long... this is the nail bite-y part) and it began to solidify.

If you do a google search you'll see that it's meant to look like crystalized sugar, mine looks more like glass. Temperature is so important and I'm definitely not a candy maker.

My final result is beautiful and it melts in my mouth. It's like eating pancakes without the cakes. I'm 100% behind that.

Day 358

Love & Light

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