Day 351 of 365

September 5, 2018



We landed in Ireland at 5:00 this morning and it was my first exploration of the airport. 


If I said it was exciting I wouldn’t be stretching the truth because I had a Guinness for breakfast and it was delicious. 


The rest of my Dublin experience went quickly and I did wash that Guinness down with an amazing cappuccino. 


The next stop, Edinburgh Scotland.


By the time we hit the ground we had been up for a very long day. What's the smartest thing to do? 


Take a nap.


Did I take a nap?


HELL NO, I'm in Scotland.

I took a walk through the city dragging a half dozen suitcases, not the best way to tour this town.

I did dump the luggage at my hotel/apartment.


Did I take a nap?


HELL NO, I'm in Scotland.


I took my family, exhausted, to see the Castle in Edinburgh. It was the first time all of us have been there and as we get set to tackle the world in different directions I saw this as a wonderful opportunity for a family photo.


My day ended opposite to the way it started with my first frothy mug of Wispa. From the image I thought it was going to be fizzy cocoa. It wasn't, but in my defense the font size on the package required magnified reading glasses which I did not have. The top of my Cocoa did have a pretty iridescent foam.


Day 351


Love & Light












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