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Day 350 of 365

I am 15 days away from 365 consecutive firsts. I have had some experiences and adventures but many things I have ingested have been the ultimate confirmation of intuition.

Day 350 was all about the ZAGNUT.

Have you noticed this candy at the checkout? I have and for 49 years I've avoided it because the flavor/texture combo just isn't appealing. 

The truth is, I love peanut butter but dislike peanuts. I am a huge fan of coconut as a flavor but the texture of shredded coconut makes me gag like a 5 yr old eating lettuce. The Zagnut bar brings together flavors and textures that just don't rock my world.

First bite, NOPE! Initially it's crunchy and flaky meltaway like a butterfinger but then the coconut texture rolled around to leave a "spit it out" sadness in my mouth.

I forced that first bite down and took a second just to make sure I wasn't psyching myself out.



I'm out.

The Zagnut bar just isn't for me and as with most of the 365 day food firsts I'm sticking with those instincts that steer me toward deliciousness.

Day 350

Love & Light

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