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Day 349 of 365

Quenching a thirst

It's day 349 and I used a lifestraw.

It's been raining intermittently for the last few days and all those drops of water have collected in pools of dark muddy puddles.

I've had the lifestraw for a while. I wanted to use it in Colorado on a fishing adventure. It never worked out so today's muddy puddles seemed perfect.

The water I collected was pretty gross and I was hesitant to drink it at all. I created a syphon and watched the grey water flow through and out in a collection tube. It was clear and I was a little surprised at how well it worked.

The lifestraw is advertised for use in areas where water potability might be worse than puddles of rain.

I'd rather drink from my reverse osmosis filter but this straw is compact enough to carry in a backpack.

Day 349

Love & Light

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