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Day 348 of 365


Today was a long one. It started with a 3:00am crash of thunder and ended with an 8:30pm downpour. In between those times we held our annual fundraiser to support awareness for depression and suicide.

I had a good feeling that today was going to involve exhaustion and I planned ahead.

For day 348 I drank my first Yerba Matte energy shot.

The stuff was horrible even though the label read lime tangerine. It tasted more like sour lime rinds.

Did it give me a shot of energy?

I think it did because I hit a wall at about 5:30pm and most of these tiny bottles promote 5 hours of energy. It's just after 9:00pm and I'm about to crash, 3.5 hours was good enough.

The bottle said organic so I figured this would be an okay way to experience this kind of drink. I got a boost even if it was only for a few hours.

Day 348

Love & Light

The evening storm front

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