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Day 344 of 365

Where my feet fall

I had plans for this experience from day one. I purchased a kit with the idea that I would collect items along my journey.

I am 21 days away from entering my 50th year and to honor the past 343 days and some of those who've shared my adventures, I made a mosaic stepping stone.

The kit came with the most important items: concrete and a mold. The instructions for mixing my base material had a warning about keeping the cement on the dry side. It made me a tiny bit nervous so I added my water a little at a time.

It was perfect and as I spread that "dough like" batter into the plastic mold I started to get excited about this experience.

I should back up and share that I traced the shape of my project base so I could lay out my pattern of objects. Every item has purpose or loving intention behind it.

Like I said, this was part of my plan.

As I set my stones I thought about the people who've been my cheerleaders this year, family and friends lending their time and talent and some professional resources to get me to this day.

I am humbled and grateful.

I'm not going to run through all of the objects but I will say, if you were a part of my journey you are a part of this stone. Some things are buried inside, because they sank, or maybe their presence is for me and I will always know they are there; a mustard seed, golf T, fish hook, bottle cap bits, coffee and so many other things are mixed in.

What I can see, brings laughter and tears. In the center, the rose quartz that rested on my mother's chest after her heart went into afib. She scolded me about how cold it was. The outside temperature that day was Wisconsinably below zero. Her complaint had merit and we laughed about it.

Her heart was my center and it seemed appropriate that the end of her life journey would be an integral part of my dwindling days as a 49 year old person. She would have loved to stir the flower petals in the stepping stone mix.

I need to wait 24 hours for this to set and I plan to pour clear acrylic over the top to seal that #365rockdays rock.

Day 344

Love & Light

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