Day 342 of 365

On target

I'm getting very close to accomplishing what felt impossible. 365 consecutive days of first time experiences. 365 consecutive days of blog posts sharing what I have done.

Set your sights on a target and keep shooting.

That's what today was all about.

For my 342nd experience, fulfilling a childhood dream, I shot a crossbow.

I have always wanted to do this. ALWAYS! When I was a kid my mother and I watched the adventures of Robin Hood on Showtime. It was magic. In my imagination I was never the damsel, I was always the bow firing, sword waving, crossbow shooting hero.

Today's adventure started with a custom crafted crossbow. The owner brought it out to the property for first time shooting. I was intimidated by the lack of safety features so I let the owner shoot it.

I opted for the modern crossbow and it turned into an afternoon of FUN!

This version had a scope and although the sucker weighed a LOT I held my own. My very first shot was almost dead center.

So satisfying.

This was a definite adventure and although I'm not going to hunt I would love to continue to shoot for fun.

Day 342

Love & Light

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