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Day 340 of 365

Not so nasty

I spent a few hours practicing my fly fishing today. I have a larges pond on my property and it's a convenient space to learn better casting technique. I never expected to catch anything bigger than a baby bluegill.

I was a bit surprised when I snagged a little bass. I could fish all day long and I would still be out there if half of my flies weren't stuck in the tree.

As I was standing on the edge of my pond I couldn't help but think about the water that my fish and frogs are living in. It turns out frogs chase flies on string like kittens chase the light of a laser pointer. My pond is a tiny little creature universe. This little ecosystem is spring fed which means the water comes from all over the neighborhood. I started to think about what toxins and other chemicals might be in it.

On day 340 I learned how to test my water.

I scooped up a big glass of pond-y goodness and the color looked more like a urine specimen than potable water and I don't know if i'd ever want to drink from it.

I thought I might test it with the goal of tasting it. After watching it move on my kitchen counter I'm rethinking the entire experimental experience.

I followed the instructions for the test kit and compared it to my reverse osmosis filtration system. I was surprised to see that the pond water had similar levels to my kitchen drinking water, minus the tiny things swimming in it.

Pond water is full of living creatures and I am most definitely NOT drinking any little bitty bit of it.

I'm happy to note that it tested negative for pesticides and lead. Yay for that and if I catch monster fish it's good to know it's not toxic to touch when I remove that hook.

Day 340

Love & Light

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