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Day 339 of 365

A little taste of Egypt

To say I have an obsession with the art of ancient Egypt would be an understatement. My creative space is filled with a collection that started over 20 years ago.

On day 339 I attended an open house at the Coptic Orthodox Church and it was wonderful.

Wow, there was so much food and it was delicious but the absolute highlight was my tiny cup of Egyptian coffee. The brew was dark and rich with a tiny sprinkle of sweetness.

The woman making this drink was so kind and when I asked if she drank it all day say smiled and shared that a sensitivity to caffeine kept her from having a single sip. My next thought, wise placement by the volunteer coordinator.

I took a tour of the building on my way to the gift shop. Each room down the long hallway had beautiful images outside every door. I'm not into religious icons but I seized the chance to watch an iconographer at work. As an artist this was amazing to see. Out of respect for his work I didn’t take pictures but I really wanted to.

As adventures go I got lost in this one and it was fantastic.

Day 339

Love & Light

I planted my #365rockdays rock

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