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Day 337 of 365

My aching back

I’m a firm believer that plants are growing in the yard for a reason. Many are considered weeds and because they spoil the purity of the green grass some people nuke them with pesticides.

I’m not one of those people.

Today I’m using one of the weediest weeds of them all, the dandelion.

On day 241 I made tea with the roots of this plant and although it wasn’t delicious I have kept in on hand.

For my 337th experience I decided to make a body ache soothing dandelion salve. This time the roots are staying in the ground and I'm using the flowers. I harvested about a half of a gourd full which is a

measured cup. I rinsed them, drained the water and left them to dry for a while.

To make dandelion oil for the base of my salve I set those flowers to simmer with a coconut and almond oil combo. I'm using food grade ingredients so I can experiment by adding this to tea later.

After about 2 hours on a slow simmer I set this slippery concoction in a sieve to separate the liquid from the solid. My kitchen smells very sweet.

Part one making the dandelion oil. Part two mixing in the beeswax and some peppermint oil. I blended everything together in a double boiler and watched it melt into my salve.

Waiting for it to move from liquid to solid is the final step and seems to take about as long as crafting this blog.

Day 337

Love & Light

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