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Day 336 of 365

Start with cutting your nails

I’ve had quite the adventure in the last 10 months. I’ve been to some amazing places and done many things I’d never planned to ever try.

Through all of it I’ve been a woman.

On the 336th day I’m embracing my womanhood by using an eco friendly menstural cup.

When I say embracing... I mean full on in my business embracing!

If you’re squeamish about discussing menstral blood and lady bits you might want to stop reading.

Shit’s gettin’ real right now.

I’ve been pregnant 7 times. I’ve given birth twice and in that 10 year span I’ve had the hands of many medical professionals up in my lady parts. I’m pretty comfortable with my body but I’ve never chosen to be THIS comfortable.

The Diva Cup is a rubbery reusable cone that captures all the unstoppable goodies that come to most women on a monthly basis. By design, the Diva is meant to keep all the single use tampons and sanitary pads out of the landfill.

It's really gross, I'm not going to lie but they did make a tiny handle to make it easy to pull out.

The cup has must be folded and rolled to fit and once it's in place it has to be rotated to create a leak-proof seal. Party time!

Honest woman moment... I don't want to handle my unused womb and the goo that comes with it but here I am.

Day 336

Love & Light

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