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Day 335 of 365

This was so bad

A few days ago I harvested acorns to brew a horrible tasting coffee substitute.

I’m not surprised that my acorn bread was equally as nasty.

These nuts are supposed to be high in protein and loaded with a ton of other vitamins but they taste worse than dirt.

I slow roasted the nuts after boiling them on day 332. Today I ground them into flour added a few ingredients to bake it like the hard tack I made on day 46.

Everything went so well.

The flour sifted fine and was fluffy. I added some of the honey harvested on day 312 along with sea salt and water. I kneaded it, pressed a thin layer across a baking sheet and scored it with the hope that I could break pieces off to serve it.

My acorn bread looked amazing.

It baked for 20 minutes and smelled a little like nutty tree. The taste was ridiculous and so much like dirt that I couldn't get to the garbage fast enough to spit it out.

I decided that I would need to be VERY hungry to ever put this in my mouth again or waste the effort it takes to work those nuts into dough.

Don't try this unless you're very hungry and even then just eat some dirt. It'll taste the same and you won't have to waste a bunch of time.

Day 335

Love & Light

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