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Day 334 of 365

Words on a page

I am the first to admit that I could never understand any religious text in 24 hours. Not many could. What I wanted to do was end my ignorance about the content.

On day 334 I learned about the Quran.

Why the Quran?

I attended a PRIDE fair yesterday. It was not a first for me and neither were the very vocal protesters screaming on a bullhorn. I thought and felt many things. The first was how vulgar it is to stand in judgment on a city sidewalk without entering to meet a single person inside. I heard hate disguised as religious righteousness. I also felt violated by this kind of Christianity.

As much as any of us has a right to choose a religious affiliation we also have the right not to choose. So today, because I needed to, I opened my mind.

I was raised catholic. I've never read the entire bible. I know a person who believes they are better than me because they have. I don't judge, but they do.

How is this better?

I watched my parents do their religion. I went with them to build and share. We gave to others quietly all in the name of love.

As I started to read the Quran I was struck by the absolute certainty with which the text came directly from the mouth of their prophet. The religion itself has gone to extensive lengths to preserve (word for word) these teachings. If it's in the book, it came from his mouth. There's no John, Luke, Matthew or Mark. There is one word and it is from the prophet alone. There is a purity in this if you believe.

As I read through the text I wasn't surprised to see some similarities, all knowing god, these are my commands, follow me or else.

Does it make me a better person if I close my eyes and follow any religion?

Reading this only created more questions. I don't want to be part of any religion that doesn't respect the imperfection of the human experience. I'm not perfect and I don't expect that from others.

What do I expect?

I expect the love that all of these religions are meant to be about. When I attend a festival in support of the LGBTQ+ community, why is hate what greets me when I enter the venue? I never understood this as the word of god. I don't understand why the family of protesters couldn't go help someone in need? If they really love their god they would come inside and try to understand how alike we really are. Love is just love.

I will continue to read this book mostly to try to understand where the differences are that have created so much division. I'm not a follower and it doesn't make me better... just different.

Different should be okay.

I attached a youtube video. It might offend but that's not my point. I'm trying to keep my eyes and my heart open.

Day 334

Love & Light

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