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Day 333 of 365

The wildflowers are in bloom

Day 333 and I went to a cut flower bouquet workshop.

I'm not a person who cuts flowers to put in a vase and keep on the countertop. I don't like dead flowers and I especially don't like cut flowers spilled over the counter by my cats.

I tend to keep the plants outside where they are free to grow, flower and rot; circle of life and all that.

The experience started with flower selection. Many of the garden center volunteers brought in cuttings from their own yards. The line of colored flowers made choosing a wonderful rainbow for my own bouquet.

The little trick I learned about stacking the flowers? Lay them on top of each other, at the same angle while rotating the entire cluster. It sounds easy but it wasn't and after dropping and breaking some beautiful cuts my bouquet started to take form.

Tip of the day: start with a big clumpy flower like hydrangea. It creates a ball to build around.

The entire bouquet is held together by floral tape which I learned how to use and when the entire experience was complete I felt like the mystery of bouquet making was gone.

Day 333

Love & Light

I planted my #365rockdays rock

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