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Day 332 of 365

Nuts, that's not coffee

Day 332 was all about acorns. I wanted to harvest them to make flour but the more I researched this experience the more curious I was about "acorn juice."

I asked myself, "can you brew acorns to make coffee?"


I spent most of the day arriving at this answer. I've never harvested coffee beans but if it's anything like acorn harvesting I know that I never want to have to. Praise be to the coffee roasters!

My acorn brew began with the collection of about a pound of these earthy nuts. I roasted them in a pan to make it easier to remove the meat from the shell. The process was slow and after I finished I had just over a measured cup of nuts. I debated collecting another bowl full but I felt I could get what I needed and if it worked I would do it all again.

It worked, if I lowered my coffee standards.

Once the shells were removed I started boiling the nuts. All of the information I read suggested that they would be bitter if I didn't. Most of them were crushed during the shell removal process and I was brewing and cooking at the same time.

No part of this tasted like coffee. If I called it earthy you just couldn't imagine the smell going on in my kitchen. I poured off the first batch from boiling to drink as my "coffee" and I kept the pot full for the next few hours, pouring off until the liquid was light in color.

I tasted my brew and it was not good. I added honey from day 312 with hope that it would improve the flavor but it was just a waste of that delicious harvest.

I'm moving on from this experience. I'll get my coffee from an experienced barista.

Day 332

Love & Light

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