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Day 329 of 365

Keeping promises

It's another experience that I wanted to share. Instead of accomplishing this task with my mother I worked with my sister-in-law beside me.

On day 329 I made a gourd bowl.

This was an experience that I'd planned back in October of 2017. My mother went to an event and brought a gourd back for me. At the same time my sister mailed me a gourd. Both were different in shape which led to very different experiences. On day 160 I made a shakere. Today I cut the other gourd to make a bowl.

I know it doesn't seem complicated but it was a tiny bit involved. When I discussed this project with my mother it came with a warning, the inside can have mold, wear a face mask.

I wore that mask as I cut this thing open. The flesh was dried and flaky and all I could imagine was mold, mold and mold. I didn't see any but I finished the cutting and gutting with that mask on. I scraped the inside out, very much like you would if you were carving a pumpkin.

When all the cleaning and scraping was complete I sanded the edges and the inside of the shell.

It's pretty wonderful and I kept all of the seeds to plant more gourds next spring.

Day 329

Love & Light

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