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Day 326 of 365

Rainbows and Narwhals

Today was tough and sad. Helping people you love say goodbye is a challenge to write about but when people show up for you it matters.

Today I said goodbye to a man who became my father-in-law 25 years ago. He was an interesting person. The fact is, this isn’t a first adventure or experience for me because I can’t honor this loss the way that I should. I never felt like he belonged to me.

This evening, after all the life celebrating ended for him, I brought my smaller family of four together to play. That’s how we celebrate our love for one another. In a few weeks we will scatter off in different directions and everything changes again.

On day 326 we played UNOcorns. This is a lot like Uno but with a unicorn theme. I'm very in to unicorns. The big problem with this deck is the addition of a Narwhal card. Actually they put four of them in to test your relationship with the people around the game table.

I did this to us. Maybe it was the wine, or the abundance of chocolate cake but we had a unicorn throwdown. We got intense, a teeny tiny bit competitive but in the end there were rainbows...

Oh, and unicorns.

Day 326

Love & Light

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