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Day 324 of 365

This... hurt... is... no... good.

Look, I'll admit that no part of me really wanted to do what I just did to my body. I have been to this restaurant many times as a vegetarian which prevented me from ever eating these tiny greasy hot messes.

On day 324 I ate my very first White Castle slider.

I didn't eat just one. Oh no! I had a filthy pile of these gems.

This is how the mistake happened.

I figured I would have the original slider to keep it authentic and I had to do cheese to balanced them out. If I'm choosing those I should do the bacon, right? After those decisions, it was all downhill. I ordered the veggie burger to satisfy my curiosity. When I saw the chicken/waffle sandwich I threw one of those in for good measure and it felt like I was getting a good sample of the entire menu.

My first thought?

No one should ever eat the veggie patty from White Castle. It's possibly the worst thing I've ever tasted on the "meatless" menu at any restaurant. It's my opinion and not a humble one because I had to eat that bacon slider to get the gooey slime of the corn-ish, carrot? and "green thing" out of my mouth.

BACON, who knew it was a pallet cleanser for veggie burgers? The other delightful surprise was the sweet/ salty combo of that chicken waffle sandwich. From the outside this looked risky but turned out to be okay.

I knew going in to the restaurant that was putting my digestive system to the test. I've heard all the regretful groans of the White Castle "after party."

As adventures go today was a trip that I will never need to take again. If you're curious about that chicken/waffle sandwich combo just head through the drive up, grab it and go, go, go!

Day 324

Love & Light

I planted my #365rockdays rock

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