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Day 320 of 365

It’s so Faire

I’ve been a student many times in the last ten months.

On my 320th day I learned how to do leather work.

My kid set up this experience and I will admit that I was extremely excited to get to work with Sky from the leather shop at the Bristol Renaissance faire.

I had two ideas in mind; bracers for shooting that bow I built on day 37 or a leather pouch to wear when I go to faire. I decided I would get more from this experience creating the pouch.

I walked around the shop and selected the leather and accessories necessary to accomplish this adventure. The place is stocked full of everything I needed and so much more.

Sky set me up with a template and tools for creating my new pouch and we modified it so I could also make a belt. I was having the best time and I could have stayed all day to make those bracers too.

As experiences go day 320 was up at the top.

Love & Light

I did plant a #365rockdays rock somewhere. It fell out of my pocket while I was walking around the faire grounds. I hope whoever finds it will share a day 320 picture.

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