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Day 318 of 365

Not very rare

I’m in Omaha, Nebraska. I’ve driven through this city too many times to count and rarely stop for more than gas.

On day 318 we stopped for a tour of Omaha Steaks.

The corporate facility does not give tours even though the receptionist gave us a fair amount of info on the area facilities. Maybe if I’d had more questions she might have made this stop even better.

We did discuss the signs for the million dollar club posted In the parking lot. You have to sell a lot of steaks to get those prime spots.

Did you know there was such a thing? I know you get a pink car for selling makeup, you only get a spot to park a car at Omaha steaks. Hmm, doesn’t make me want to sell either.

We were directed to the company storefront a few blocks from headquarters and I did get the deluxe tour of their freezers where I was given the opportunity to hand over my credit card in exchange for some delicious meaty goodness. My bbq is going to be very happy.

As experiences go I put this on the same level as the pet expo but not quite as good as the zombie prepping survival fair.

Day 318

Love & Light

I planted my #365rockdays rock

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