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Day 315 of 365

So stuck

The last few experiences have been exciting and so very satisfying but my new adventures in Colorado are coming to an end.

On my 315th day I learned how to make Chinese Dumplings and Tang yuan.

Bao Jiaozi is the term for wrapping dumplings. My talented niece, who spent two years in China with the Peace Corps, taught me how to fill, fold and pinch little pockets of meat. Most people call them potstickers but whatever you call them we made almost 70 and it was fantastic to see them all lined up on the counter.

My lesson was quick and once we got into a rhythm it didn't take long to make those dumplings. My niece learned so much about the culture while living in China and although she has cooked for us in the past today's lesson was a definite first.

The dumplings were just a part of the very authentic meal.

Tang Yuan was the dessert soup I learned to make. It's an interesting combination of fermented rice juice, goji berries, glutenous rice balls and sugar. It was a sweet treat at the end of the meal.

Day 315

Love & Light

I planted my #365rock days rock.

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