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Day 314 of 365


If I'm being honest, it was joy and I am finally one with the universe.

Day 314 was the ultimate fishing experience.

The quest for perfect water begins. How do you find great water for fishing in Colorado? Take a long drive to the mountains. If I said it was beautiful you wouldn't understand what my eyes did see. I'd never been down this winding road that led me to gorgeous hills and valleys and even though the road ended, my experience had only just begun.

I was searching for fish. I was also searching for waters clear of the muddy wash coming down from the mountain rains that have hovered above my days in Colorado. There will never be a down side to driving through the Colorado countryside, and not finding a great spot to learn to fly fish. It did take some time. It could have taken all day and I would have been content.

With the mountains in front of us, we found the perfect location.

First challenge, assemble my rod and reel and tie that fly to the line. It should have been easy but the wind decided I needed another challenge.

By design the line on a fly rod is meant to slip through the ferrules (tiny metal loops). I threaded the thin leader line from the reel to the tip of the rod. It seemed super simple until that damn wind whipped through and sucked my threading out and whipped it through the air. It was funny until it happened a second and third time.

I spent the next hour learning how interesting it is to have the wind blowing against every cast of my rod. I hooked myself on the arm, on the shoe and a few places in between.

Did I express how much I love fishing?

Once the line was through I held it in my teeth until I picked the perfect oversized fly to use as a learning bug. I hiked down the hill to the reservoir and after a short lesson I was released to do my fishing damage.

This is full on fishing and I think I am ruined for life. Once I experienced the rhythm of casting I didn't want to stop. I had to of course because the leader line is thin and I snagged everything in the process of learning. I hooked rocks and trees and even caught the remnants of a previous fisherman's loss.

Learning how to tie that cinch knot was a blessing because I did it about a dozen times.

I did find my rhythm. I did get hits on my line and I finally had my first catch while fly fishing. I didn't want to stop. I'd probably still be out there if I was alone.

I'll never be the same.

Day 314

Love & Light

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