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Day 313 of 365


I have wanted today to happen since I started this personal journey.

Day 313 I finally got my very first fly fishing rod.

Here’s the deal, I’m in Colorado which has always felt like the perfect place to learn to fly fish. I’ve been visiting this state for 30 years and I lived here in my early 20’s but I’ve never been fly fishing. If I haven't shared this, I LOVE FISHING!

On day 79 I learned how to tie flies for fishing. The experience was free and now I understand why. Bass Pro Shop wanted me to have an amazing experience so that I would return to purchase all of my fly fishing needs.

It worked. Today I spent about an hour shopping for the perfect setup for a novice. It was only the beginning. I purchased a 4 piece rod, a reel and all of the equipment I would need for a lesson but before I get to go fishing I need to learn how all of the parts come together so I can dance with the fishies.

First order of business, assemble that reel/rod combo and learn how to tie on the ridiculously expensive tiny flies. I do mean tiny. I have a magnifying glass clipped on to my baseball cap. I can't tie that thin filament without it.

We picked up a handy little pocket edition of the Little Red Fishing Knot book and I spent about an hour learning how to tie flies on and join two strands of fishing line together. Mission accomplished and I think I'm ready to have my experience in the water.

Stay tuned because it has rained every day since I've been here and the rivers are so muddy I can't fish in them.

Day 313

Love & Light

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