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Day 312 of 365

Bee in my bonnet

The phrase took on real meaning as I tended my first bee hive on day 312.

My extraordinary sister is a bee keeper. It is something that my family did when I was a child. I remember being swarmed and having my mother pull stingers from my head which is probably why I've never been inside the hive before. My sister said I used to play with the bees. I don't remember that but I recall getting shot in the head with the garden hose to get the bees off my head.

That was not my experience today. I had the most exciting time and as I strapped that gopro cam to my chest I hoped to capture the fun.

We smoked the hive to chase the bees from the frames we were working in.

That was CRAZY!!

I tried to stay very calm as thousands of bees swooped around our bodies.

"You're not allergic, right?"

Great time to ask when I'm wrapped from foot to head in protective gear. Nothing is 100% sting proof as I would learn.

We used the hive tool to pry apart the supers (layers of the hive). Each level has a purpose and because this was a first for me we invaded the entire thing. My sister is doing a hive experiment by placing glass jars inside instead of using the typical frames. My heart was beating so hard I can hear it in the video footage.

Once everything was in place I was disappointed we weren't going to take any honey but my sister changed her mind and had me pull out one frame. It was heavy, dripping with honey and bees as I lifted it from the hive.

This is when it all went to hell and I actually did get a bee in my bonnet. I was calm but certain I'd get a sting. That little sucker got me right in the neck. I was not "one" with the buzzing little insects but I did get to taste that wonderful honey.

Day 312

Love & Light

I planted my #365rockdays rock

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