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Day 311 of 365


It's my 311th day and I learned how to make tinctures.

What the heck is that?

I spoke with the owner of Owl Apothecary about extracting the medicinal properties of herbs using alcohol.

I've been working on pain management since injuring my hip in mid June. The goal of the afternoon was to mix up a batch of herbs to aid with natural healing. I'm all about the herbs.

I could steep the roots and leaves to make tea but I wanted to make a tincture. What's the difference?

Think about the nastiest tea you've ever had. If you were using it medicinally you might need to drink two of three 8 ounce glasses to gain the effect you're looking for. If you extract the properties of healing by making the tincture you will get the same dose by using only a dropper full.

The actual process of mixing is super easy. The herbs are measured and poured into a jar and high proof alcohol is added. I used Brandy.

Now it needs to steep.

It'll take about 8 weeks for the alcohol to extract the essential oils and nutrients from the plants. Being patient is just not my thing but I'm sure this will be worth the wait.

Day 311

Love & Light

I planted my #365rockdays rock

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