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Day 310 of 365

Let them eat bread

I was having a discussion about health and while weighing back and forth on many topics we stopped on eating habits and real food.

I fed my family home cooked meals, made from scratch while being an at home parent. I've baked bread but I've never stopped to think about the ingredients in my bread flour, or more precisely the lack of ingredients in my flour.

I eat bread. I love carbs. Two facts about me as a person that will not ever change.

On day 310 I decided to make flour for bread.

In my head this was going to involve old stone grinders and berries of wheat. I could feel the blisters forming.

That's not how this adventure played out.

Enter the multi purpose Nutra bullet. I added a cup of wheat berries to the machine and within minutes I had fresh milled flour.

Why don't I do this all of the time? I live near so many grocery stores that carry unmilled grains.

Testing the flour was my next step and a very simple bread recipe felt like the right choice.

It was amazing, even with a tiny yeast mishap. The ingredients: water, raw honey, sea salt, yeast and the fresh milled wheat. Simple!

About two hours later the most delicious loaf of bread came out of the oven.

Day 310

Love & Light

I planted a #365rockdays rock.

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