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Day 308 of 365

When you see it in action

It's day 308 and I was the photographer at a concert for children.

Today was special and I had no idea it would be. My niece is an artist but instead of creating with ink or brush she uses her voice.

On day 306 I attended a Third Eye Blind concert and for the size of the venue and the sound that bounced around the air, it was noting like the joy coming from the tiny classroom at a child care facility.

Branik played for five groups of children at two different facilities and it was inspirational.

I've been sitting here trying to find the words to describe what I witnessed. Children are so perfectly pure in the way they respond to music. Branik made magic. I watched them smile as the acoustic sound filled their classroom.

I wish the world could witness what I did.

Day 308

Love & Light

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