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Day 303 of 365

Mollie Kathleen mine tour

Mine, mine mine

I had the privilege of dropping 1000 feet below ground to enter the Mollie Kathleen mine. What makes this amazing and special on day 303 is the Mollie Kathleen is the first female owned mine in the United States.

This adventure takes place during my first visit to Cripple Creek, Colorado. I don't know why I've never been here before. The drive is beautiful, but what isn't in Colorado. As you come around the last curve Cripple Creek is nestled in the valley below. It's like fantasy come to life.

My mining adventure begins just before entering the city. The entire place feels like a step back in time even though some of the equipment is still in use today.

How did I get down 1000 ft?

In a sardine can elevator. I'm not kidding. You really get to know your neighbor as the guide weaves you in "Tetris style." It takes two long awkward minutes to get to the bottom. When we hit it I was happy to get out.

The tour is an experience, an authentic walk through the history of mining. Many human beings gave their lives for this mine. As I looked down the miles of winding shafts I thought about how much manual labor it took to create it.

The tour is a real treat and I never felt like I was trapped on some journey to the center of the earth.

Following the tour I had a short walk through town and after dinner I had my very first taste of Flan.

One word.


That was a mess of flavors that just didn't work for me. I liked the dollop of whipped cream and the center portion that didn't touch the syrup surrounding it. One & Done for sure!

If that wasn't enough firsts I also bumped in to a Deer. He was sitting in the front yard as we walked through town. My first deer with antlers. Oh, but there were three of them eating at leisure from the little aspen trees. I just wanted to pet them but I didn't want to get my ass kicked by an antlered deer.

As experiences go today was full of them.

Three for Day 303

Love & Light

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