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Day 302 of 365

Mary did you know?

Today I did an experiment with pain. I've had it intermittently for years and on occasion it has been nearly unbearable.

I figured since I was in Colorado I would take advantage of pain relief in a new way.

On day 302 I used a transdermal Cannabinoid patch. This is a first for me. I've never used "stick on" weed.

I am 100% on board when it comes to the use of medicinal marijuana. I've seen it in action so when this opportunity came I did not hesitate.

My patch was super easy to use. I peeled away the plastic backing and stuck it to my hip. Once it was on I forgot about it.

Hours later I didn't ache where I did before. I wasn't stoned or impaired in fact I didn't feel much of a change. I wasn't surprised at all but I was excited for the relief.

Day 302

Love & Light

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