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Day 300 of 365

It's day 300 and it feels like the impossible has become possible. If I'm honest there have been moments when I felt like I'd never make it this far.

Day one was the base of an enormous mountain and today I can finally see the summit.

To celebrate my 300th adventure I dipped myself in the Hot Springs of Mt. Princeton, Colorado; definitely a first but not a last

What I experienced about naturally occurring hot water is that it's freakishly HOT. I've been in a few Jacuzzi tubs and most of the time the chemicals used to keep it clean prevent me from staying in for very long.

Not here.

In the mountains of Colorado it's the sunshine and freakishly hot water. I enjoyed both... in moderation because I've got 65 adventures remaining and sunburn is not on the menu.

There isn't much to explain when it comes to hot springs. You get in and if you're smart you get out before the staff needs to carry you out. I enjoyed the exhilarating difference between the ice cold flowing mountain river and the little pools of earth heated water, perfectly symbiotic.

Day 300 was hot and wet.

Love & Light

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