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Day 297 of 365

Bucket to bottle

On day 282 I mixed up a batch or wort, the first step in the process of home brewing delicious beer!

On day 297, Friday the 13th, I opened that 5 gallon bucket and pumped that brew into bottles.

The setup is pretty simple but also time consuming. My amazing friend was kind enough to open her kitchen for this process. She's such a trooper. Somehow she managed to amass more than 50 empty amber glass bottles for beer.

I spent the morning, with the help of my kid, washing and sanitizing those bottles. While the pristine containers dried I opened that 5 gallon bucket.

This was sensory overload.

I wanted to climb into that pail and drink my way out. It smelled amazing. I know that the beer needs to carbonate so I moved the contents of the original container to the bottling bucket and added the sweet corn sugar boiled into simple syrup.

I forgot how much I love the smell of beer.

The bottles are placed in rows on the floor and gravity feeds my new home brew into each one.

Did I mention my adoration for beer?

I managed to transfer that 5 gallons into about 50 bottles without taking a taste. I was informed it wouldn't be good and I didn't want to ruin the first sip.

I have a few six packs down in my basement. They need to be in the dark until all the delicious chemistry inside evolves into bubbling beer!


Day 297

Love & Light

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