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Day 294 of 365

Just one seed or thousands

You never know where adventures will lead.

On day 294 I visited the Museum of mustard.

I wasn't sure what to expect but I was excited when I entered. The walls were lined with bottles from across the country and around the world. Mustard from everywhere.

I had no idea so many types existed. Wisconsin had the largest collection by state followed by California.

After spending time with the plethora of examples downstairs in the display room I headed up to the tasting room. This is the bonus because every item sold in the gift shop is part of their free sample selection. I had some amazing flavors. I would go back just to try another dozen. I could only eat so many before they all started to taste the same.

The museum is located in Madison, WI and worth the trip. Its free to enter and after a few samples you'll leave with a bag of deliciousness. I love their motto; Peace, Love & mustard.

Day 294 was tasty.

Love & Light

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