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Day 292 of 365


Few people would be surprised to know that I own a crystal ball. I've had it for years and it's been part of my meditation space.

It's beautiful and until my 292nd experience I've never used it as a tool for photography.

Let me start out by sharing that I have a few superficial burns on my hand and the top of my lawn table is melted. Holding a crystal ball in the sun is ridiculously stupid but I did it about 100 times in an attempt to capture the perfect crystal sphere picture.

I have a few amazing photos but my hand is also resting on ice. The table is going to need a little touchup paint.

I started in the back yard and played around with the trees and greenery but the subject was too broad. Since most of the flowers in my yard are weeds I decided to use a vase of colored daisies I received from a friend.

There was a learning curve and I felt like this might turn into a flop of an experience but then the sun hit just right and I couldn't stop.

I filtered the light, changed some angles and suddenly my table was melted.

That sphere of glass might be calming but it will also create some intense heat.

As experiences go I'm not sure how to carry a crystal ball around but it would make an amazing accessory in my camera bag.

Day 292 and absolute win.

Love & light

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