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Day 288 of 365

I might have blown up my family

It seemed very fitting on the forth of July and my 288th day to play "Keep talking and no one explodes."

This is one of the most fantastic cooperative games for playstation and it incorporates that VR headset that made me motion sick on day 98. The weight of the Virtual reality goggles is disorienting and when the game goes live you open your eyes to a room with a few VR manuals. This is pretty wild and if I wasn't sitting down I would have probably fallen over.

I am not a gamer. I grew up with the single button Atari joystick that moved through one playing field.

This is not the game of my childhood and I was schooled in the ways of bomb diffusion in the VR world. It's actually a combination of puzzles and clues that you solve. A timer is set and the player wearing the headset has to explain to the rest of the team exactly what is on the screen.

There is no time to make mistakes and if you cut the wrong wire too many times that game ends in an explosion. It's all VR so no Angelici's were damaged during the playing of this game. It was perfect fun.

Day 288 was the bomb.

Love & Light

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