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Day 287 of 365

Who needs a quart?

Ultimately, I did.

On day 287 I painted chalkboard. I made many mini chalkboards. They worked so well that I continued making chalkboards.

Why did I make 20 mini chalkboards?

I got a chest of drawers from my family and although it is intended to keep all my crafting supplies in order, there are so many drawers that I can’t remember what's inside any of them.

I wanted to label each drawer in a way that made it easier to change it. I searched a few big box hardware stores but couldn’t find what I wanted.

Enter the chalkboard paint.

I intended to get a pint of this stuff and cut little wood panels to glue on each drawer. Chalk paint only comes in quarts. I was certain I would never use all of it so I looked for a spray version. I was excited when I found it.

I should have purchased the quart because the paint is wonderful. I can turn almost anything into a chalkboard. Throw in some liquid chalk markers and my drawer signs look amazing.

I continue to find experiences that are so wonderful that I would like additional time before moving on.

When this year comes to an end I won’t have a problem finding something to do.

Day 287

Love & Light

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