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Day 286 of 365

Written in pencil

On day 286 I created a character for the game of D & D.

I can't even believe I made it through because I had no idea what I was doing. My kid is a serious gamer, actually both of them are and I've never understood it. This experience is all about fantasy and imagination and READING!

Dungeons & Dragons is not for the faint of heart. My kids started playing before they were teenagers and I never gave them credit for researching through the volumes of books required to escape into this fantastic world.

My character comes from a race known as Dragonborn. Sounds cool, right?

Over the next 90 minutes I read through a 300+ page handbook of very detailed characteristics that my Dragonborn Sorcerer would possess. Oh Yeah, this is serious business and I'm ready to do something with this magical creature that I rolled a crapload of dice to create.

It's a process and as complex this part was I can't wait to learn how to play.

But that's another adventure.

Day 286

Love & Light

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