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Day 285 of 365

The power of water

It's 95 degrees outside. For the last few weeks we have had a ridiculous amount of rain, trapping me inside. The temperature isn't giving me much of a break.

On day 285 I literally beat the heat with a power washer.


This is a tool that I will add to my arsenal of absolute necessities. I love using it.

I started on my front porch. It went well and I moved around to my deck. This is where all the ick has been collecting. Half of the deck is in shade and moss tends to grow. When this part of the deck gets wet the moss makes it slick. I may have taken a tumble once or twice.

Not any more.

I started in the corner and that slipery green mess just washed away. I couldn't stop. I know a few spots will require sanding but it beats having to replace the entire deck. I finished spraying every board but I couldn't stop. I moved on to the patio furniture that didn't make it in the barn last fall. It looks beautiful now.

I managed to power wash some kids toys, a concrete patio, a few welcome matts and a rug. I could do this all day. Fortunately I stopped with enough time for the rug to dry before the rain came again.

Day 285 was very satisfying.

Love & Light

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