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Day 284 of 365

Crying over spilt milk.

Success and Failure often go together. Since the beginning of this personal challenge I have accomplished a variety of things and had a chance to take the mystery out of some of them.

Day 284 was not a mystery removing day.

It turns out that my goal of pouring a little heart on top of a cup of coffee would actually become a lesson in properly steamed milk.

I had no idea.

I happen to own a beautiful espresso machine. I have made foamy frothy milk for many cups of coffee. I've never tried to control that process and I learned why. It's a tiny bit complicated and it requires patience. I was so impatient with this experience and unrealistic in my expectations. I expected to have amazing hearts after just one lesson.


I used an entire half gallon of milk and never made a proper heart. However, I did learn to make steamed milk for the pouring process. It's supposed to be shiny. Here's the real deal, I don't do dairy. I was worried that if I tried it with an alternate "milk" I might screw things up.

It was all screwed up anyway and I guess I'd rather dump cheap milk down the drain. Yes, I dumped a lot of hot lattes down the drain. I drank a lot too which is why my hands weren't very steady on the last half dozen pours. I made 13 attempts before I ran out of supplies. I froze some of the coffee to use as ice cubes for my cold brew from day 25.

On the 284th day I learned that some things take practice and foaming hearts fall into that category.

Love & Light

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