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Day 283 of 365

Tied and tangled

Today was all about satisfying curiosity and finally figuring out how to tie, weave and braid a very

specific type of bracelet.

I have wanted to learn this forever. When I started to weave Byzantine chain mail I was also intrigued by corded weaves that look like my braided metal.

YouTube was my inspiration and after a few misguided instructors and a pile of tangles I found a great video that helped me create a cardboard jig. It works like a loom but is also primitive enough to cut from cardboard.

Once I fell into a rhythm I couldn’t stop. I bought a rainbow of floss colors and proceeded to make a half dozen bracelets in a variety of color combinations.

I could take and make this anywhere. It's great for killing time and doesn't require batteries.

Day 283

Love & Light

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