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Day 282 of 365

Hoppy wort

Day 282 was almost therapeutic as I spent most of the morning and afternoon making my very first home brewed beer.

Science in combination with my 365 day adventures seems to be working out. My very wonderful friend who has home brewing experience led me down the path of wort making today.

Why wort?

This is the boiled combination of grains and hops that will eventually ferment into a delicious cream ale. I'd like to say that it was hours of very complex mixing and measuring but it wasn't.

I boiled water, dropped in a mesh bag filled with grains, boiled it, added malt syrup, boiled it and poured that cooled down hot mess into a sterilized 5 gallon bucket. Easy as can be.

I did have to time it carefully and stir the foam out of it.

The warning about boil over was severe so I watched that pot like a hawk.

Now I wait two weeks for it to have a science-y good time and ferment. Check back to see what happens next.

Day 282

Love & Light

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