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Day 281 of 365

Watch it wiggle

Today is an all day adventure in patience and I won't know success or failure for many long hours.

Day 281 is all about making edible drinking cups.


Why not!

I used Jello for this experience and the family approved. I chose the Captain America berry blue mostly because it's blue but also because they didn't have Wonder Woman. I'm not surprised.

I mixed the liquid using half of the suggested water and added a teaspoon of unflavored gelatin. If you're planning to make them for yourself you can add alcohol, just remember that you have to balance the liquids to keep the gelatin from being diluted. Mine are alcohol free.

As I planned this I decided to make small cups using 5 ounce as the base and 3 ounce as the spacer. I

filled the base cup half full with jello mix. I set the 3 ounce spacer inside and added water to it. The weight of the water pushes the small cup down until the top of each cup meets. I centered the smaller cup and taped it in place. I poured blue mix until the cup was full.

Now I'm hoping for success.

I have never liked waiting for jello to set up. I've never had great success with making firm jello treats.

And then there is the patience part that has been the true test since 7:00am this morning. I won't lie. I have peeked a few ties and it's getting firm.

5:00pm and I have something that resembles a cup that jiggles like jello. I sprayed the cups with cooking spray to prevent sticking as I pulled them apart. It worked but I should have added a tablespoon of gelatin because although they look like glasses they split when I fill them with liquid. I might just make some whipped cream and eat them.

Day 281 was an intentional and unintentional flop.

Love & Light

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