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Day 280 of 365

So it glows

It's day 280 and I'm making messes again. This time I wanted to try something I saw on social media.

I'm not jumping off a roof, although I did jump from a rock wall on day 277.

On day 280 I made glow in the dark bubbles.

They actually do glow in the jar.

Before you get anxious with thoughts of how toxic this is, I took precautions. I also mixed this with bubble solution and I never want to get soap in my eyes.

This is how I did it.

I poured the contents of a 5 ounce bubble container and my two glow sticks into a glass jar and mixed them all together.

That's it. Not complex.

Now I'm waiting for total outside darkness to see how affective this is. I did make bubbles in the bathroom which made my mirror, sink, floor and toilet look like a Hubble image of the universe.

After the sun set it was pretty amazing. I mixed in some fresh glow stick solution and we were blowing glowing bubbles. You have to look close, and maybe in the dark. The camera had a hard time catching them.

Day 280

Love & Light

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